Wednesday, 2 June 2010

World Cup... The name says it all

Every football fan in the world has a date every four years. It doesn't matter what country they are from, what ideology they profess or language they speak. Nothing can separate a passionate football fan from their greatest love.
There are people who quantify their lives depending on how many World Cups have they lived through, either watching matches live or via radio and TV.
It's a WORLD cup, not only because the best teams on the planet are going to fight for the title, but because those who weren't as lucky to see their own country qualify for the finals are able to 'adopt' a new country not to miss out on the party. There are not only 32 countries fighting for the Cup, it's the whole world, that remains behind them and makes part of their armies.
There's nothing more exciting and show-stopping than the World Cup Final. I dare say that there are 3 things that divide the world at that time: The Greenwich Meridian, the Equator... and the World Cup Final.
For football there's nospecific time and place since its birth in England in the 19th Century. To the true fan, no exterior factor will stop them, they'll only follow their heart. And in that way, as we wait for a lover to come back from a long trip, we count the days, hours and minutes for the World Cup to come back into our lives and show it how we have prepared for it in the past 4 years.
But that's the way it is. The best things in life come in small packages, or so they say. That's probably why our passion is still alive. The flame that was lit on 2nd July 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay, has not burnt out and it never will!

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