Thursday, 28 January 2010

Did you see that serve??

As a massive Rafa Nadal fan that I am, I was gutted to see him go in such fashion against Andy Murray on Tuesday in the Australian Open. Some people have actually started to suggest he might not reach the same level as a couple of years ago, and also (horror!) that he might have to retire!!! I really hope not and that we have Rafa for much longer :)
I do have to admit, however, that Murray had a fab game and it was scary to watch!! I wouldn't want to be in the opposite side of the court to him! Did you see those serves??? The amount of aces he had?? And what a match he had today again against Cilic. Too bad he's dropped a set now since he started the tournament, but at least he recovered and won it in style.
So yes, I really wish him well and that he brings that trophy home. He really deserves a win, but well... the world of sports is not about justice, eh? Ask Patrick Battiston :P