Wednesday, 24 June 2009

SPAIN vs USA (0-2)

This result has come as a shock for the majority of us. And by us I mean the ones that have been watching football for over the years and even though we know these kind of results are not impossible, they are still rather scarce. I cannot blame an American fan for believing this could happen before the match started, mainly because all those who called him" crazy" are now eating their words.
Yes, let us admit that we wanted a Spain v Brazil final. The champions of Europe against the champions of South America, the only two federations to have won a FIFA World Cup. Well, it is not to be. Not because Spain played terribly, but because the USA played superbly. Yes, they made a few rookie mistakes and got a third player sent off in this tournament. But, would they really have scored two goals if they were not worthy of reaching the Confederations Cup final? I certainly do not think so. Spain had a lot of holes; their midfield was inexistent. The genius of Xavi and Fabregas were nowhere to be seen. And what use it is to have David Villa and Fernando Torres in the front if nothing else works? If the balls do not reach them?
I cannot blame you if you are tempted to say that the US won because Spain played badly. But again, I repeat. Did they really? Did they not have more shots to goal than Spain in the first half? Were their defence not absolutely brilliant, neutralising the strikers and jumping higher than anyone else? Did they not play as a team that was "going for it" and actually giving some kind of importance to this competition? There you have Brazil, which is the team with most World Cups and arguably the best football nation on Earth, still playing for it. Because it matters, yes it does. And the Americans knew that. Did Spain know that?
I am gutted they lost. I was rooting for them to win this competition easily, even dancing Brazil around in the final. But it was not to be. Not favourites for the World Cup in 2010? Too early to tell. If something, this "shocking" result reminds us that nothing is written in life or football. Maybe losing this match, and the chance to break Brazil's record of consecutive unbeaten games, will take them off that "favourites" list and turn them into the formidable and deserving team that won the European Cup in 2008, yet again.
But let's see. My bet is on Brazil, but another "shock" cannot harm the game. If more, it just shows us how beautiful Football is. The USA has proven they can profit from lost causes, just like many other great teams have done in the past.

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